Interactive maps

Tasks tab

The task tab enables users the ability to sketch on the map with various shapes and text. It also allows users to prepare reports and to print or export a map to an image or PDF.

Note: Depending on how your map is configured, this tab or some of the tools described here may not display.

Show layers tool Show Layers
Use this tool to show the layer list on the information panel. From here you can choose which layers you want shown on your map. You can even set the transparency on some layers. Simply check the box next to any layer you want displayed. Remember that if the layer is greyed out, it isn't available at this scale. You can still select the layer but it will only become visible when you are zoomed into the displayable scale.
Print tool Print Map
The Print Map tool lets you print a map using a pre-defined template. Click the icon to show a popup window where you can select the layout, the output format and other options.
Address Report tool Address Report
The Reports tool lets you prepare a pre-configured address report for selected parcels.
Export map tool Export Map
The Reports tool lets you export the map to an image file for use inside documents, reports and powerpoint presentations.
Freehand tool Markup Freehand
Use the Freehand tool to draw freehand lines on your map. Set the format of your line – the style, thickness and colour – then click the map where you want your line to start and keep the mouse button depressed until you have finished drawing your line.
Line tool Markup Line
Use the line tool to draw straight lines on your map. Set the format of your line – the style, thickness and colour – then click the map where you want your line to start. Move the mouse to begin drawing and click wherever you want your line to change direction. Double-click to complete your line.
Polygon tool Markup Polygon
To draw a polygon, select this tool and set the format of your polygon such as the border or fill colours and line thickness. Click the map where you want your polygon to start then add at least two more points by clicking the map in the desired locations. Double-click to close the polygon.
Rectangle tool Markup Rectangle
Use the rectangle tool to add a rectangle to your map. Set the format of your shape – the border or fill colours and line thickness – then click and hold the mouse button down where you want the rectangle to start. Drag the mouse to size the rectangle and release the mouse button to complete it.
Text tool Markup Text
This tool lets you to add text to the map. Click the map where you want to place the text. Type your text within the bordered area. Press ENTER when you are finished and the text is added to the map.
Edit drawing tool Edit Drawing
This tool lets you edit drawings you've added to the map. You can use it to change one of the points of a polygon, to increase the area of a rectangle or to change the colour of a point. Select this tool and then select a drawing to edit it.
Erase drawing tool Erase Drawing
Use this tool to delete drawings that you have added to the map. To erase a drawing, select the tool and then click once on any added text or graphic. To erase multiple graphics at once, click and drag the mouse to create a box around added text or graphics. Release the mouse when the box encloses the drawings you want to erase. Be careful when using this method because if even a portion of a graphic is enclosed within the area you draw, the entire shape is deleted.
Clear all drawings tool Clear All Drawings
Use this tool to clear any drawings you have added to the map.