Interactive maps

Search tab

Tools in the Search tab allow users to search the map for properties, plats and parks. It also enables users to create custom queries or click anywhere on the map and get an estimated elevation.

Note: Depending on how your map is configured, these tools may not display.

Show layers tool Show Layers
Use this tool to show the layer list on the information panel. From here you can choose which layers you want shown on your map. You can even set the transparency on some layers. Simply check the box next to any layer you want displayed. Remember that if the layer is greyed out, it isn't available at this scale. You can still select the layer but it will only become visible when you are zoomed into the displayable scale.
TaxKey search tool Search Tax Key
Search parcels by a Tax Key Number.
Address search tool Search Address
Find an address by specifying the Street Number
Plat search tool Search Plats
Find a plat by specifying the Plat Name.
Owner search tool Search Parks
Find a park by specifying the Park Name.
Query tool Query
Construct a custom query on a layer.
Filter tool Filter
Filter data by specifying certain parameters.
Find Elevation tool Find Elevation
Find an approximate elevation at a spot in the map.
Clear Elevation Markup tool Clear Elevation Markup
The Clear Elevation Markup removes any reference points created using the Find Elevation tool.